Sunday, November 27, 2016


Fidel Castro has died.
For some it may mean sadness...uncertainty, fear of the unknown.
For others, it is a release, a release of happiness, jubilation, complete and utter joy.
I cannot say I am joyous upon the death of a human being...But I must say his passing was a release for me.
His time has come and I pray that he is answering for the crimes and suffering he has committed.
(*I want to keep his image small...because as he is and he was...he was a small man-a coward, nothing in my world.  I will not give him the time , energy or revelry)
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I am not going to get political and I am going to keep my opinions to myself...I think sometimes it is just best this way.
I feel relief. 
I only wish my father were here to see the end of this tyranny...but I am sure he is very well aware of this ending.
I am sure he and my mother are up there dancing a lovely Cuban Danzon with friends and family!
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Now, what do we do...I think we continue to be patient and wait. I only hope that the future brings this island back to where it needs to be.
Unfortunately Castro's brother remains in power...I don't know which is the worst of the two evils.
But like my father I wish to one day return to "my homeland" to see my birthplace.
To be able to walk the streets where my father ventured and was his most happiest.
One day I have hope.
For now, I continue to be patient and look to the future of what may come.
If not, I bestow this wish to my daughter so that she may seek out this island where her family came from and why we love her so.
In the meantime...I keep her in my thoughts, my heart, and I bring her out for all to enjoy...
Noche Buena is coming, what better time to honor her!
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Random Photo Post No# 592
A little 'cafecito' is all I need for now!

I am jumping a bit ahead...but I think it is appropriate for the topic today!!
One of my 365 Days of Sketching
Day 183

"Que Viva Cuba Libre" 
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Night, night all~~

Monday, November 21, 2016

Gilmore's Return

A long time ago a TV show came on the air...The Gilmore Girls. 

At the time I was a single mother, with a very intelligent, artsy daughter, I was not rich nor did I come from wealth, but I did drive a jeep!
I thought, "Score!" A show I can identify with.
But you know what? My head was obviously in another place at the time...because I just never really got into this show.
Fast forward years later...
Since the Gilmore hype started this last spring (Gilmore Homecoming coming to Netflix on November 25th) I thought to myself...
"Let me try this again. Obviously there is something I missed, everyone is on this truck and it is roaring down the street like a bullet train!"
So I went on Netflix and I started watching the entire seven seasons of The Gilmore Girls...and guess what?
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I am hooked!
I can't wait to see the Homecoming!
I am even watching the seven day marathon on the UP Channel! Seven days of Gilmore Girls-non-stop! 24-hours of it! Yes, you can probably call me a bit addicted, but big deal, I am working and listening to the dialogue and trust me, if you have never seen The Gilmore Girls-there is A LOT of dialogue!
I used to get annoyed by it, but I almost find it comical now in a somewhat annoying way.
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Image result for gilmore girls
I am clearly in a different state of mind now...because I am enjoying this Gilmore train.
Grab a cup of coffee and join me!
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Image result for gilmore girls and coffee
Image result for gilmore girls and coffee
I don't know, maybe it's the addiction to coffee...they are always drinking coffee and I can relate to that...I feel their passion for it!!

In the meantime I broke my own rule...I put my tree up this afternoon!
Well, just the lights!

I have been editing photos for the past month and my eyes are ready to roll out of my I walked away from my computer for a couple of hours and put the lights on my tree!
I will decorate it Friday...I will keep some semblance of that tradition in place!
 But the twinkle lights just make me smile!!!!!!

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Random Photo Post No #591
Monday morning Blues?...Fix it, put twinkle lights on your tree!

In the meantime, enjoy your evening, maybe flip your TV onto The Gilmore Girls...and who knows, maybe you too will get on the G-Train with a hot cup of coffee in hand!
It's happened to the best of us!
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Night, night all~~

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I am here!!'s been a wild and crazy summer.
Busy with art, photos and just life!

 I am so incredibly grateful for this journey...I wish I could translate it through cyber space so you can  truly feel just how grateful I am!!!
It's been a fabulous journey and I am thankful...just in time for Thanksgiving I might add!
The art has given me an outlet to express myself and fulfill a lifelong dream.
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(Courtesy of Geek Related-Trial of the Beast)

"Love this beast by the way!!"

I've been keeping out of trouble to say the least...the hot summer is now over- thank goodness. (...and hopefully behind us!)
You all know pretty well how I feel about the summers....YUCK!

A new President has been let's keep moving forward!
Halloween is behind went waaaaaay too quickly and I ate waaaaaay too many
Snickers Bars, Butterfingers, and Baby Ruth's.
(I am now eating egg whites, tuna and brown rice...need I say more?)
Zee Frenchman and I have buzzed around at some fun "Hot Spots!!!!"
Spending time together (Sometimes a good thing and sometimes a good kick in the head is needed! Tee Hee!)
He is a handful! I figured at this point in my life I was done raising children...but when 
you have a man in your life I suppose that part of your life is truly never really over...right?
Definitly not around here!
I participated in some weddings!!
(I clearly hate being in pictures!!)
(Ironic isn't it!!!)
I am obsessed with the second coming of The Gilmore Girls!! 
(Almost as much as my Hallmark Christmas Movie Obsession...I will fill you in on that later-on my next post!)
I remember watching this show a hundred years ago...and I thought; "Whoa, this program is way too stimulating for me."  But many of my friends said that the show reminded them of My Little and I...I don't know why? We did absolutely everything together, she is a brainiac, artistic, beautiful, we both drank too much coffee, and I drove a jeep wrangler. I don't get it. Their issue I guess.
But I have been having some Gilmore Girls marathons and I have actually grown attached to them..."hence" I am excited for the Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix!
Coming next week!
Woop! Woop!
...and I am geared up and ready for Christmas! I am beyond excited.
I've already warned Zee Frenchman that this year I am extremely stoked!
Going all out...(Pardon the expression, but-) Balls to the Wall!!
Old Fashioned, Hallmark style Christmas...I have even started practicing on some old cookie recipes!
Should I start knitting...popping popcorn for the tree, that would be a nice touch, don'tcha think? 
Yes, I am beyond excited for the holidays, and if I fail to wish it later...please, please, please, let me wish you an amazing Thanksgiving and a spectacular and loving Christmas!!
From the grumpy ol' bears!!
We clearly have issues....Clearly!

365 Sketch A Day!
I am still at it and I am close to my ending goal!
I wonder what other little project or challenge I may undertake...any suggestions?
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Random Photo Post No # 590
Oh Santa...I have been a good girl! I really-Really have! 
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I won't make any promises...I will try not too anyways...but I will try to do better and keep you posted on the happenings around here!
Christmas is my season and I will try to keep you posted on what the days bring...especially with the Gilmore Girls coming! Seriously!!
In the meantime...
stay safe, stay healthy and you better be good for goodness sake!!!
He's coming soon....EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!!!

Night, night all~~

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Coloring Party!

My dear friend Julie opened a lovely coffee/bistro/artsy town.
she serves delicious coffee and amazing delicacies whipped up by her!
It's called Jules' Place
(I highly recommend you go and chill!)
She displays and sells work by local artists...mine included!
Photographers, crafters and awesome antiques and collectibles.
Fantastic shop!
She also promotes classes, art, coffee presentations, Essential Oils and even a children's Etiquette class!
So if you would like to book a jewelry, candle, or any type of her!!

Julie hosted my Coloring Book Party!
An evening of gathering and stress relieving coloring!
It was a hit if I say so myselft!
I provided the artwork
(For a small fee!)
...and Julie provided some delicious treats! 
Old friends caught up, chatted and got to know new friends! 
Coffee was served and enjoyed! 
The room was filled with coloring, and crayons, crayons, crayons! 
These ladies are crazy artsy!!
They really did such a beautiful job. 
A good time was had by all and it was good catching up with old friends and meeting new friends! I cannot wait to do the next one!!
Maybe YOU will be there! 
I love doing fun things like this...and putting smiles on those faces, hey, and my own!
It was fun!

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Random Photo Post No # 589
I am SOOOOO ready!!

I am gearing up for the holidays! (I cant wait!) Yes, it is only the end of August...but it will be here before you know it!(I cant wait!) So Christmas cards, coloring books, and some special custom work is all on my agenda these days!
Start early my will blink and than you will be saying; "It snuck up on me!!"

Night, night all~~